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Air Conditioning Aylesbury

Air Conditioning Installations Aylesbury

When it comes to air conditioning in Aylesbury, the team at AMC Air Con have a wealth of experience. Whether you’re looking for an air con installation or repair, it’s good to know there’s a team like AMC Air Con who are always a phone call away. We will work closely with you to establish your needs to ensure that your air conditioning unit meets your requirements. Simply give AMC Air Con a call today to learn more about our air conditioning in Aylesbury and the surrounding areas.

Having installed air conditioning in Aylesbury for a range of room sizes, properties, and workplaces, AMC Air Con are professionals in all things air con related. No matter the size of your air con unit, we’re here to put you control of the temperature of your property, all year round. We understand that there’s nothing worse than entering a room that’s too warm, especially to work in. But there is also no fun in returning to a chilly home, where you can’t relax completely. With that in consideration, AMC Air Con are here to offer air conditioning in Aylesbury that allows you to find the optimal temperature in your room.

5 Year Warranty

(On all Fujitsu air conditioning units)

For both domestic and commercial air conditioning in Aylesbury, AMC Air Con are by far the professionals to turn to. As the leading choice for many in search of Aylesbury air conditioning, we’re here to provide the best results with your air con unit. Regardless of whether your air conditioning is for a regular three-bedroom property, or a well-established company with dozens of rooms, we’re here to help. AMC Air Con will work with you to provide an air conditioning unit that meets your every need, whilst allowing you to control your room temperature with ease.

Air Con Repairs and Servicing

Here at AMC Air Con we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers throughout Aylesbury receive the best air con service. We take all our air conditioning services seriously, but especially our repairs and servicing. We understand how much disruption a fault with an air con unit can cause, and therefore we aim to keep this at a low. By doing so, we want to be there to deal with all your air con problems, no matter how small or large. So, if you’ve ran into a problem with your air conditioning, or if your service is due, be sure to get in touch with AMC Air Con for a professional, reliable, and reputable service.

As well as our air con repairs and servicing, AMC Air Con also offer maintenance services. Rather than wait around for an unknown problem to occur, we have maintenance packages available to take away the risk of any issues or faults. This will ensure that your air con unit is safe to use and will also minimise the risk of any near future problems from occurring.

Common Air Conditioning Repairs

With years of experience in servicing and repairing air conditioning across Aylesbury, you can trust that you’re in the best hands. When it comes to air conditioning services and repairs in the area, we’ve worked and fixed a number of air conditioning problems.

Unusual odours – Should your air conditioning unit have started to smell strange, then this could be due to the recirculating of air, or maybe a bad odour has built up on the cooling coils, this bacteria can be removed but only with specialist chemicals and from a professional.

Unusual noise – Loud and unusual noises could mean that the system requires a replacement fan or condensate pump, or in some cases another part. This may lead to a full system failure and in some cases a completely new AC unit may be necessary, if not fixed soon.

Power outage – This could be due to the electrical isolator which should be in the ‘on’ position, if it’s not because of this or due to the power in your house tripping, then ensure you call a specialist air conditioning professional to diagnose the problem.

Leaking water – Whilst this may alarm you, this is a common problem which can usually caused by units which haven’t been serviced or the condensate pump has failed.

Not cooling – If your AC isn’t providing cool or warm air then this may mean is has a gas leak, the repair work will include a system inspection and test to determine the full extent of the leak.

Professional Air Conditioning Units

Should you require an air condition installation in Aylesbury, then you’re in the right hands, at AMC Air Con we only offer quality air conditioning units across Aylesbury and the surrounding areas. The air conditioner installations that we provide include quality products from only renowned manufacturers as well as making sure that you receive the best customer services. We’re known across Aylesbury for going the extra mile for all of our customers and the large selection of air conditioning units that we offer ensures that you’ll find a unit to suit your needs.

When it comes to air conditioning systems in Aylesbury, they work by moving heat from inside the property to outside and this is through pulling the heat out of the air and then blowing cold air into your property instead. It works by blowing the air over cold piping and then a cold ‘refrigerant’ liquid which will change into a gas when it absorbs the heat from the air.

Commercial Air Conditioning Aylesbury

Not only is it important to ensure that your workplace is safe to work in, but that the temperature is fit for purpose too. One of the best ways to stay in control of your room temperature is with commercial air conditioning. This will ensure that your business environment is comfortable for your staff to work in, all year round.

Domestic Air Conditioning Aylesbury

We understand that your home can quickly change temperature at the drop of a hat. And we have a solution for this. Domestic air conditioning in Aylesbury offers the perfect answer to taking control of your room temperature in a few easy clicks. With our domestic air con units, you can create an environment that is completely suited to you.

Call AMC Air Con

If you live in the Aylesbury area and require air conditioning for your business or home, let AMC Air Con help. We offer a selection of air conditioning services in Aylesbury and the surrounding areas. Regardless of how small the repair may seem, or how large the installation, AMC Air Con are always just a phone call away. Take advantage of our air conditioning in Aylesbury and call AMC Air Con today to learn more about our services.

AMC Air Con also offer air conditioning services in: Milton Keynes, Bedford, Luton, Leighton Buzzard, Letchworth, Northampton, and surrounding areas in the South East.


Why isn’t my air con working?

Should you find an issue with your air conditioning, or if it has stopped working all together, AMC Air Con will be there to repair it. No matter how small or large the fault, we’ll be there to provide an effective air con repair service for you.

How much does air conditioning cost?

The price of your air conditioning can vary and will depend on various points, and your specific requirements. Things like the model of the unit, size of installation and the type of air con system will be taken into consideration. In order for our team to provide the most accurate prices, we request that you call AMC Air Con for a free quote.

Is an air conditioning unit expensive to run?

No. Air conditioning is very cost effective if you have the right system fitted. But don’t worry, as our team at AMC Air Con will always fit the most suitable unit for both our domestic and commercial clients.