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Air Conditioning in Luton

Air Conditioning Installation Luton

Here at AMC Air Conditioning, we have over 15 years experience in the industry, working with customers all over Luton and the surrounding area.

We have repaired, replaced, installed, serviced, and designed a huge range of air conditioning systems over the years, so no matter what your issue, or requirements you can rest assured that you are in safe hands with our team or experts.

Air Con

Air conditioning units in Luton

When it comes to designing your bespoke air conditioning systems, we will work with you from the start to make sure every last one of your requirements is fulfilled. Our team will assess your premises, the requirements you have and work with you to select the right components for your system, we can also give you recommendations for the best solutions and advise on the maintenance of your air con going forward.

Air conditioning installations

At AMC Air Conditioning, we only stock the highest performance and quality products from industry leading manufacturers to ensure you get the best finish product possible.

Our team will research every option available to determine the best option for you. We will also ensure customer satisfaction through second to none customer service. We are punctual and polite and are always happy to help.

Commercial air conditioning in Luton

Should you require air conditioning units for your premises in Luton, then look no further, AMC Air Con have you covered. Our team of air con engineers specialise in offering quality air conditioner units for businesses across the area. The commercial air conditioning units we provide are designed to ensure that your working conditions are comfortable when the weather is warm outside. The air con unit works by cooling down the air to a more comfortable temperature.

What’s important is that your colleagues have a fully functioning air conditioner system in your premises, without the system the air can become warm and stuffy in the hotter months. When there’s lots of people in a confined space, it can become quite uncomfortable and hot, so when it’s warm inside the air con units will cool down the air, making it much more pleasant.

When you choose AMC Air Con in Luton for your air conditioning, you can trust that it will be installed to the highest standard, most of the units we provide also have a heat option. So the system can provide cool air when it’s warm and hot air when it’s cold.

Domestic air conditioning

If you require an air conditioning unit in Luton, you have come to the right place, AMC Air Con specialise in a range of residential air conditioning. When it comes to domestic air conditioners they’re designed to create a cooler environment when it’s warm outside.

Our team of professionals have a wealth of experience in air conditioning and ventilation, so when it comes to new air conditioning installations in Luton, you can rest assured that you’re in the best hands. We understand that properties are different so when it comes to installing an air con system, it won’t be the same for every customer. We can install the system in a way which is visually appealing in your home, but also means you can enjoy air conditioning when you need a break from the heat.

When you choose AMC air conditioning for your new air conditioner unit, we’ll only provide you with quality systems as well as make sure that the product suits your preferences and budget.

Air conditioning maintenance

To help your air conditioning system perform at its best for longer, and ensure your system lasts as long as possible, we recommend regular servicing and maintenance which is why we offer our maintenance and servicing services. Regularly checking you air con system is the key to a cost efficient system that doesn’t eat into your day to day life.

We will visit your Luton premises and identify any defects and take the best action to fix the issue as quickly as possible for you. Our team are regularly trained in the latest technological updates to help them work on every system available not he market.

We are extremely flexible with our appointments and can work around your schedule. Simply get in touch, and our team will visit you in Luton or the surrounding area.

5 Year Warranty

Air conditioning repairs in & around Luton

We always strive to make sure our customers in and around Luton are happy. From small domestic fixes or services through to full system replacements, our number one aim is customer satisfaction.

Contact us for air conditioning in Luton, call us today!

If you are looking for quality air conditioning in Luton, look no further, AMC Air Con can help! We provide a selection of air con units, maintenance services and repairs across Luton and the surrounding areas.

Simply call our team today for more information, we’re happy to visit your property or premises in Luton and assess your requirements. We also provide our services across Bedford, Leighton Buzzard, Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, Northampton, Letchworth and the South East.


How much will my air conditioning installation cost?

This will depend on a number of reasons, including the type of air con system, the model of the air conditioner and some other things. When it comes to your new air conditioning system you can trust that at AMC Air Con we’ll only provide value for money products and services.

My air conditioner isn’t working, why?

This could be a number of things, so if your AC system isn’t working, then you may require a repair, we offer a range of air con repairs to our customers across Luton and the surrounding areas. Having a regular air conditioner service carried out can help to avoid any future problems that may occur.

Are air con units safe?

Yes they are, as long as your central air conditioner is maintained as it should be, then your air conditioning will be safe to use. It’s also important to take extra care and be careful around air conditioning units, this will reduce the chance of any further issues.

What options do I have for my air conditioning?

We provide a selection of ac units and systems which are suitable for your property or premises, no matter the size of the air conditioner. At AMC air con we’ll find out the perfect system to suit your home or business.

Are air conditioning systems expensive to run?

Not at all, they’re very cost effective when it comes to running them. When you have the right system fitted by AMC Air Con, we’ll fit the right home or commercial air con system to match your requirements, meaning it will only cost you for when use it.