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Air Conditioning Repairs in Bedford

First class from air conditioning repairs in Bedford

We pride ourselves on our 100% customer satisfaction when providing air conditioning repair services. Whether you have a small domestic property or a large business premises, you can trust that our ac repairs are second to none.

When it comes to air conditioning systems, at AMC Air Conditioning we provide a first class solution for your commercial ac systems. With a wealth of experience we have worked with SMEs, non-profit, public sector firms and large private sector organisations, ensuring their central ac units are of the highest standard. What’s more is our ac repairers can offer the guidance and advice required to help you maintain your new air conditioner for your business. Should you require a repair, then look no further our team will make sure you’re involved in the process and that our air conditioning service meets your requirements.

Common air conditioning problems

When it comes to ac units, there are a few tell-tale signs which may mean that your system isn’t working properly. This includes:

Air Conditioning RepairsUnusual odour – If the AC is giving off a bad smell, this may mean, due to the recirculating of air, a bad odour will have built up on the cooling coils, this bacteria can be removed with specialist chemicals.Unusual noise – A loud noise may mean that the system requires a replacement fan or condensate pump. This can lead to a full system failure, so it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible.Power outage – If the AC has completely lost power, after checking your main fuse and ensuring it has not tripped, it may be the electrical isolator which should be in the ‘on’ position. If it’s neither of these then you’ll require a full diagnosis to determine the issue. This could distinguish whether you need a full repair or parts replacing.Leaking water – If your AC is leaking water, don’t worry as this is quite a common problem. This is usually due to a unit which hasn’t been serviced or the condensate pump has failed. These types of repair jobs usually take around an hour so are fairly quick.Not cooling – If your AC isn’t giving out cool or warm air then this could mean it may have a gas leak, the repair work will include a system inspection and test to determine the full extent of the leak, this usually takes about 3-4 hours.Not heating – When it comes to conditioning systems, if it’s not giving out warm air, then the system may be short of refrigerant gas which could mean there’s been a leak. Units which have an infrared remote should be checked and the batteries changed to ensure this isn’t the problem.Gas leak – Some AC systems come we pre-charged refrigerant gas and will not need a top up unless there is a leak in the system. To repair the leak and reset the system, you’ll require support from a specialist.Under performing – Servicing your units regularly will help maintain the required performance of the system. If it is not serviced for a long time then a build up of grime will prevent the system from taking in and pushing out the air. This results in poor performance, increased operating costs and possible system failures.

AT AMC we can provide all of your air conditioning repair requirements

Having worked on and repaired a number of air conditioning systems throughout Bedford, our professionals have a wealth of experience in the area and can guarantee they will install the best products to suit your requirements, as well as taking into account your budget.

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Please contact our friendly team for any questions you may have regarding our installations, servicing and commercial air conditioning products and services. We also provide air conditioning repairs in and around Milton Keynes and Luton.

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