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Air Conditioning Repairs in Luton

Air Conditioning Repairs Luton

We pride ourselves on making sure we have 100% customer satisfaction with our repair services in and a round the Luton area. We provide air conditioning repairs services for any kind of air conditioning systems from small residential setups to large business premises.

When it scores to air conditioning services, its best to regularly service and repair any elements of your system to avoid full breakdowns of your set up. Whether you only use yours for small periods of time or you use yours 24hours per day, they still require regular checkups. Keeping your system running smoothly will cut the chance of major breakdowns that could cost you business or comfort in your own home.

Common air conditioning problems

When it comes to ac units and air con systems there are a few common problems to look out for when checking your system.

Unusual odour

If your air conditioning is producing a bad smell, this may mean a build up within the system itself. As the system draws in cool air, any odour in the system may be a build up on the cooling coils themselves. This build up is usually bacteria, so its essential to keep them clean with regular servicing.

Unusual noise

A loud noise may mean that the system needs a replacement fan or condensate pump. A broken fan or condensate pump could lead to a full system breakdown, so its essential to get an engineer to take a look at the system as soon as you hear any noises. Our team are more than happy to help you with any quick repairs to keep you up and running at your peak.

Power outage

If the AC Unit has no power going to it, firstly check that the fuse has not gone or tripped. It may be the electrical isolator which should be in the ‘on’ position, if this is not the case then you may need a full system diagnosis to determine the issue. Do not attempt this yourself, only qualified engineers should be carrying out any sort of diagnosis. A diagnosis will determine if you need a part repairing or a full system repair.

Water Leaking

If your AC is leaking water then you have quite a common problem, and happens fairly regularly. This is often the result of not being fully serviced or a condensate pump has failed. These are often easy problems to fix and shouldn’t take longer than a couple of hours from a qualified engineer.

Not cooling

If your ac unit isn’t giving out cool or warm air, this may be due to a gas leak which usually takes around 3-4 hours to diagnose and fix.

Not heating

If your air conditioning is not giving out hot air, this could be due to a shortage of refrigerant gas which could be a sign of a leak or a lack of servicing long term. If your system has an infrared remote then the batteries should be checked and changed.

Gas leak

Some AC units come with pre-charged refrigerant gas and will not need a top up unless there is a leak in the system. To repair the leak and resent the system you will need to hire a qualified professional to fix the problem.

Under performing

Servicing your ac units and systems will help maintain the required performance of the system. If your system has not been serviced for a long period of time, then there could be a buildup of grime which can prevent the system form pushing the cool or hot air out. This results in a poor performance, increased operating costs and possible system failures.

Air Conditioning

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We have worked on and repaired all types of air conditioning units in and around Luton. We have a very happy customer base here, thanks to our professionalism and expertise when it comes to air conditioning. We also provide our services across Milton Keynes.

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