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Air Conditioning Repairs in Milton Keynes

Quality Air Conditioning Repairs in Milton Keynes

We pride ourselves on the quality products and services we provide, but we also understand that sometimes air conditioning units breakdown or need repairs through general usage or time. Due to this, we also ensure that we are able to repair as many issues as possible on air conditioning units to avoid having to replace the whole system.

We have worked with small companies, large corporations, no-profit organisations and residential properties, so we are very experienced when it comes to AC repairs.

Should you require any repair work doing to your air conditioning, then look no further, AMC Air Con can help!

Air Con Repairs from AMC

Common Air Conditioning Problems

When it comes to air conditioning units and repairs, there are often a few common tell-tale signs that something is either growing weak, developing issues or about to break, we have listed some here for you to help you determine what level of work you are in need of. There are of course other issues, in which case in you are unsure, give us a call and we can advise on the best solution.

  • Unusual odour – If the AC unit is producing a strange or unpleasant smell, this may be due to a build-up of bacteria on the cooling pipes that has been sucked through the air and gotten caught. To remove this we use specialist chemicals to avoid damaging the cooling pipes, but providing a freshly clean and hygienic air conditioning unit and flow of air.
  • Unusual noise – If your air con unit is making strange or extreme noises, this may mean that the system requires a replacement fan or condensate pump. This can lead to full system breakdowns, so if your experiencing any unnecessary noises, call us today to get it looked at.
  • Power outage – If you experience a power outage with your air conditioning unit, this could be for a number of reasons, so include a tripped fuse, simply check the fuse to see if this is in working order. You can also check the electrical isolator, this should be positioned towards on, if not, it needs turning back on, if it already is, then we suggest getting one of our team members out to take a look at it as further issues could lead to a full system breakdown.
  • Leaking water – If your ac unit is leaking small bits of water, this is a very common problem often caused by a part not being serviced properly, to a blockage in the condensate pump. Fixing these issues usually takes around an hour so should cause too much disruption to your day. If your unit is leaking a lot of water, consult one of our team immediately for expert advise.
  • Not cooling – If your air con unit isn’t cooling properly, this could be caused by a gas leak, in which case the system will require a full inspection to determine the cause and effects of the issue, this can take around 4 hours.
  • Not heating – If your AC unit isn’t providing any heat, it may be due to a refrigerant gas leak. The infrared remote should be checked and the batteries changed to ensure that this isn’t contributing the issue.
  • Gas leak – Some AC units come with a pre-charged refrigerant gas and will not need a top up unless there is a leak in the system. A trained professional should always assess the situation if there is a risk of a gas leak.
  • Under performing – Servicing your air conditioning unit is vital to ensure your unit works at its best for as long as possible. If the unit isn’t serviced regularly, a build-up of grime and dirt can affect the process of air being pulled into the system and being pushed back out, lowering the quality of air that is produced and the performance level.

When it comes to air conditioning repairs, at AMC Air Condoning we provide a range of solutions to make sure that your air con is back on track. No matter what the problem seems to be, you can trust that the team at AMC Air Conditioning can help, we’ll cover a full repair process. Before we fix your system, we need to determine what the problem is which involves a range of checks…

  • Turn off the power – we’ll turn the power off and check inside the box to make sure it’s definitely turned off.
  • Test the fuses – different air conditioning units will have a different number of cartridges which hold fuses, we will check each fuse by testing them and monitoring their readings.
  • Inspecting the panel – next our team will inspect the inside of the access panel where usually we’ll notice any big problems straight away.
  • Capacitor – all air con units will have at least one capacitor, these will be checked as over time these tend to degrade slowly and can provide less startup power.
  • Contactor – contactors can also wear out over time and are a common air conditioning service failure, so these are also on the list of vital checks during a repair.
  • Fan motor – when it comes to the fan, this is connected to the compressor and should the compressor start up but the fan doesn’t then the fan’s motor will need replacing.
  • Thermostats – A/C units have built in thermostats, should these stop working,

Air ConditioningWe can repair your air conditioning unit no matter the requirements

Having worked on so many types and variations of air conditioning units, we have repaired a range of issues, which is why you can trust that you’re in good hands with AMC Air Conditioning. We can guarantee that we will assess the situation and give you the best possible solution to get your air con up and running smoothly again.

Contact AMC Air Con for your AC Repairs in Milton Keynes

If you have any questions or would like some advise about your air conditioning and potential repair work needed, simply call one of our friendly team today. We can help you get back up and running again in and around Milton Keynes. We also provide air conditioning repair services in Bedford.

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We service all of Milton Keynes as well as the surrounding areas, simply call us to find out more.