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Commercial Air Conditioning in Luton

Commercial Air Conditioning Units in Luton

When it comes to commercial air conditioning, at AMC Air Con you have come to the right place. Our team of professionals strive to provide the best possible service, no matter what your requirements. Our dedicated team will assess, install and help maintain your air conditioning unit to only the highest standard, across the Luton area.

At AMC Air Con, we understand why not having a working air conditioning unit in your business premises or professional environment can affect your company. From drops in productivity to complaints and sometimes even health and hygiene issues in extreme cases.

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Commercial Air Conditioning from AMC Air Con

The team of air con specialists at AMC Air Con will assess your needs and preference requirements as well as provide advice when it comes to the best air con solution for your business premises. At AMC Air Con we try to avoid the effects that come with the day to day running of your business, what’s more is we’ll also provide a commercial air conditioning installation quickly, with as little disruption to your working day as possible.

At AMC Air Con’s commercial services are of only the highest standard, should you be a non-profit, SME, public or private sector organisation, or large corporation, our professionals can help. What’ more is our ac installations cover all businesses and industries as well as being a more energy efficient solution.

Do I require a commercial air conditioning system?

Yes, you do, air conditioning in your workplace or business is very important, should the temperature be affecting the comfort-ability of your working environment. It’s a legal requirement for Luton businesses and the rest of the UK to ensure that their colleagues are provided with a comfortable working environment. When you undergo a professional commercial air conditioning unit installation you’re:

  • Creating and maintaining a suitable humidity level within the building for your colleagues
  • Providing a suitable and continuous stream of cool air into your work or office space
  • Supporting to remove dirt, dust and soot from the air in your work place
  • Air con units can also provide a great source of heating in the winter months or colder times of the year to keep your employees warm and healthy

The benefits of having air conditioning installed at your premises…

  • Improved air quality
  • Extra space as no fans/free standing units being required
  • Increased productivity for your workplace
  • Health benefits
  • Cooler workplace equipment, such as computers
  • Clients and customers can enjoy cooler air
  • Temperatures controlled to suit your employees
  • Less mood swings from working in irritating conditions

What do our commercial air conditioning systems include?

The range of commercial air conditioning systems we provide include :

  • Office air conditioning installations
  • Quick and efficient repairs if required
  • Regular maintenance and servicing to ensure that they’re working as they should be, as well as prolong their life
  • Energy efficient and economical units to help keep your commercial costs down
  • Prompt and reliable support service at any time of the year

How much do our commercial air conditioning units cost?

At AMC Air Con, we specialise in providing only the highest quality range of commercial air conditioning units along with the most efficient installations and service plans.The products we provide are from only quality and renowned brands, we also make sure that we only provide quality products. We understand that every work space is different when it comes to the size and your requirements, so simply call us today for a free price quote. Once we have all the necessary information required for your business, it’s much easier and more reliable for you to receive a tailored quote. Call us on: 0800 652 3039 or: 07967 392 351.

Why choose AMC Air Con for your commercial air con installation?

The team at AMC Air Con have a range of commercial air conditioning solutions on offer which are completely bespoke to you, your business, the working space and your budgets. We can also completely tailor our services to you when it comes to product specifications, the time taken to complete and the hours worked to complete the installation process. What’s more is we hold an impressive rate of customer satisfaction which is at the centre of all we do. What’s more is we also train our team to the highest possible standard in the air conditioning technologies, equipment and techniques we use, to make sure that they can answer all of your questions and provide assistance wherever needed.

Contact AMC Air Conditioning for your commercial requirements in Luton

No matter your issues or requirements, you’ve come to the right place with AMC Air Con. Our professionals can travel anywhere in and around Luton, meaning we can assist your business. For more information simply call us today and find out how we can help as well as help to promote your commercial air conditioning requirements and systems.

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When you are looking for commercial air conditioning in Luton, Milton Keynes, Bedford and the surrounding areas, the team at AMC Air Con, can help you moving forward. We have a team of dedicated installers that can answer any of your questions and help you to choose the right unit to suit your commercial needs. Simply get in touch today.

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